19 Days Out

It is now only 19 days until the votes are cast. The whole country is unified and divided at the same time. We are all fixated on the upcoming election, and every voice seems like it matters. I listen carefully to the opinions of strangers as I drive around Central New Jersey to meet clients at various fast food restaurants and shopping centers, in my career as a Job Coach.

In the local ShopRite coffee area where there is a large screen TV which plays CNN 24/7, I engage in a humfocus-group-cnnane conversation with an outspoken black guy, and a self-identified Hispanic man, both of whom are in their early 20s. Along with myself, a single, college educated woman who is an independent voter, we make an exemplary focus group. Our conversation is as interesting as anything going on in the news room on the flat screen TV above us. We politely share different views as others in the room listen intently to our conversation, seeming to hold their own views as well.

I have always been very open-minded. I listen carefully to other people’s opinions, and consider carefully new pieces of information which may or may not be capable of being verified. All seems possible. And even the unlikely in this particular election turns out to be surprisingly true. Now, with the advent of accessible videos, I can see with my own eyes strange happenings like one of the candidates passing out and being dragged into a van by persons called “secret service agents” frighteningly void of emotion. The other candidate is shown in a now viral video speaking shockingly obscene language, which once had only been utilized in low rate 1980’s pornos.

I have on occasion been persuaded to vote for Trump. Most of my friends are from my home state of Michigan and are Republican loyalists. I totally get how they can like this guy. He seems warm and father-like, and you forgive his shortcomings the same way you would a member of your own family. Like a comedian, or your favorite character on Seinfeld, you feel like you gotta love him.

I want to vote for him too. But I learned while growing up, through my 20s, 30s and especially in my 40s, not to allow myself to accept the illusions men create, though I would rather believe them. To navigate relationships with charismatic men, while being as careful as possible, it is necessary to ask oneself “what is it I am not letting myself see?” I challenge my older single girlfriends to do the same.

Advocates of both parties are not seeing things that are crucial. Most of these things have been brought up at some point. But there are a few things I have noticed which have not been mentioned anywhere to my knowledge, as I have spent candidatesthe past year or so, and especially the last 3 months studying everything my friends have shared on my Facebook page from YouTube videos to various articles from all over the web, while doing my own research as well. The Trump crowd is particularly persuasive. They are adamantly against abortion, weakened borders, and concerned with who will be appointed the next Supreme Court justice.

My Trump friends use forgiveness as a blanket through which they can no longer see or hear what was on that tape. It seems best for good Christian people to not conjure up these words again anyway, but should we simply assume that such vile inclinations are not still with the man? What if they are? Is it for us to assess that the now 10 women who have come forward and accused him of groping them, are lying? If nothing else, we have seen one tape with our own eyes, so we know there is some truth to the claims. Yes, we are all guilty of sins. But should we not be careful to consider this a warning anyway?

Also extant with this candidate have been changing positions, name calling which only school yard bullies would usually use (thereby winning his place by dishonest means), and using a logical fallacy called “poisoning the well” to make everyone look bad who is against him. One more thing I have not heard anyone mention, which is obvious to me, is the fact that this man is not able to submit to anyone else’s authority. Could he ever have held any position other than president in our country? He likely could not ever be a governor or mayor, as he follows no one but his own self. I am not putting him down for this, as it is what we all like so much about him. Like our own fathers, we learn that things are his way, or no way. And this somehow feels comfortable and alluring for all who have decided to be on the “Trump Train.”

The Hillary camp is just as blind. When confronted with hard evidence of seizures, coughing fits, and video showing her passing out, as well as diagnoses made by doctors pertaining to her health, they won’t hear of it, even though it could not be made more obvious. Critics in the name of progressiveness, criticize every view but their own. I got thrown out of such a group online, simply for holding a different opinion. I don’t know how anyone can hold a discussion when everyone agrees and thinks exactly the same. I’m guessing it’s not a very interesting group. But I wouldn’t know, I was only in there until I said something that the room collectively disagreed with.

In keeping with the theme of my blog, I must now ask the question, and invite my readers to do the same, “Where is God in All of This?”

All of a sudden with this consideration comes a heavy cloud upon an otherwise fun and interactive moment in the country’s history. The mockery of the various candidates, the talk, the gossip, the endless news coverage, and thousands of different points of view from an endless range of varying professional perspectives goes on – but those of us who study the Bible know. We don’t know how or where exactly this whole thing is to be played out. But perhaps we have our Bibles open a little more these days. Maybe we are spending more time with our Christian friends. As days go by, maybe we hear more from the preachers among us, who have a stronger prayer life than most. Or maybe we soon will.

If the democratic candidate is elected, it seems, there could be an influx of foreign immigrants in the name of nationwide hospitality toward refugees in need of assistance from a benevolent land across a wide and welcoming ocean. I strongly believe such ignorant acts of permissiveness will be used against us. While the battle cry of the democrats is “tolerance,” Republican Christians are highly criticized for claiming Jesus as the one and only way to heaven. While embracing the religion that supports terrorism, the “progressives” discriminate against a strong Christians mindset. This seems to be happening more and more.

The other alternative is a crass leader as our greatest advocate. While we learn to accept and believe as he does about us as a nation, we become the biggest and baddest gang in the hood, boasting red white and blue as our colors.

This is the conclusion I have drawn; we, the wonderful people of America, are in checkmate. There is no right move and therefore we all stand to lose, no matter who the new president will be. From a Biblical perspective, we are closer to that end which the Scriptures predict. And for this reason I sit on the sidelines, and do not participate in that mandate that one should “exercise her right to vote.” In my own personal style of vehemently maintaining my rights as a human being, I retort, “I am exercising my right not to vote.”

And who can truly argue with this? A plethora of insights and artfully crafted perspectives from a myriad of different voices all across our land have brought us together in this game where either move is a losing move, and so I, like many others, sit frozen waiting for what will be the end result, no matter what choice I make at this time, claiming in all honesty; I am not for either candidate.

The time is short, so I am happy to spend it talking to friends and strangers about their different views, sharing jokes, and enjoying this rare time of heightened togetherness before the nation votes for the next president. We all have the same things in mind, we all care about the nation’s well-being in the end. And in spite of all the dissension, we are all in actuality on the same side, wanting to win peace, wanting to fix what is wrong, cheering from the sidelines together in support of life, liberty, and the pursuit of our country’s mutual well-being and happiness.


2 thoughts on “19 Days Out

  1. Surprisingly, I agree with everything you wrote. One exception, voting. I have already voted (by absentee) because there are local issues, school board, and local officials about whom and which I feel strongly. Yes, I also voted for the Presidential. Who? Those who know me will know, and those who don’t do not need to know. I also voted straight ticket so that if that person is elected he/she will have full support in the lower offices.


    1. I will follow suit mom. I decided that the Trumpees are so adamant, I’m going to give into their urging. Andy seems to have a gift for being very persuasive. 🙂 Let’s pray for a miracle, and more miracles after he is elected.

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